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Memory Mantra- An Ayurvedic perspective

In Ayurveda herbs which rejuvenate mind and nervous system are classified as "Medhya Rasayanas" and are known as "nervines" in west. Medhya Rasayana herbs help to calm the mind and regenerate the nervous system. These herbs are rich source of natural ingredients that trigger off the oxidizing effects of stress and vitalize our immunity as well as energy. These nourishing tonic herbs help in growth of healthy brain, promotion of intellect, cognition functions and memory, virility and pro-creative powers, sensorial and muscular coordination, discriminating capabilities, decision making capabilities, mental coordination and vision improvement.

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  • Ayurvedic-Memory-Mantra-syrup-in-india

    Memory Mantra Ayurvedic Syrup

    Memory Mantra Ayurvedic Syrup is a viscous concentrated aqueous solution of 9 effective and unique herbs that delivers calming and refreshing effect on the mind. Different herbs used in the Memory Mantra Ayurvedic syrup...

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  • Ayurvedic-Memory-Mantra-capsule-in-india

    Memory Mantra Ayurvedic Capsules

    Memory Mantra Ayurvedic Syrup is herbal based formulation in which 8 types of different unique and effective herbs have been used. These 8 herbs are rich source of active ingredients that helps in rejuvenation of the mind. Different...

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  • AAyurvedic-Memory-Mantra-in-india

    Memory Mantra Ayurvedic Products

    Both products are herbal based formulations in which 8 types of different unique and effective herbs have been used. These herbs are rich source for active ingredients which helps in proper nourishment of mind and calm down to work efficiently...

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